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Camps for players of all skill levels and ages throughout the summer of 2023.


Registration is now open!

June 19th - 22nd, 2023:

  • Ukrainian American Sports Center

June 26th - 30th, 2023:

  • Chase Fieldhouse (Sporting Delaware)​

July 3rd - 7th (no 4th), 2023:​

  • Sea Isle City​

July 10th - 13th, 2023:​

  • Radnor Memorial Park

  • Ukrainian American Sports Center

July 17th - 20th, 2023:​

  • Chase Fieldhouse (Sporting Delaware)

July 31st - August 3rd, 2023:​

  • Radnor Memorial Park

August 7th - 10th, 2023:​

  • Radnor Memorial Park

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to sign up and see more details.

Be sure to enter the discount code EARLYBIRD23 to receive discounted pricing through March 31st, 2023!

Tom Carlin Soccer Academy is owned and operated by Tom Carlin and is not affiliated with Villanova University. 

About TC Soccer Academy

The Nova Way Curriculum


Teaching children how to cooperate with coaches, counselors, and teammates within in a fun learning environment is what we do best! Whether we are coaching at the beginner or experienced level, we love teaching the art of working together and doing things the right way! Our curriculum will demand that every player is a good teammate and plays by the rules. Here are some of the main points of emphasis in all activities:

  • Value Teamwork.

  • Value Friendship.

  • Respect others.

  • Be Coachable.

  • Be Enthusiastic.

  • Have Fun


Tom Carlin Soccer Academy will provide an opportunity for children to learn that their actions and attitude will determine outcomes in life. If they want to be a successful student, son, daughter, brother, sister, or soccer player, then they must have the self-control and discipline to make intelligent decisions in every moment. Here are some of the main points of emphasis in all activities:

  • Respect for the rules of the game.

  • Playing within a team structure or game plan.

  • Good behavior on the field, in the classroom, and at home.

  • Work ethic when coaches and parents are not looking.

  • Learn to listen to coaches and teammates with a common goal in mind



Tom Carlin Soccer Academy will provide children the opportunity to continue to believe in themselves through the challenges of the game. Young soccer players must learn that in order to be successful on the field and in life, they must have confidence in themselves no matter the current situation. Players will learn how to maintain focus for every “next play” despite mistakes or challenges presented by the game itself or life. With that said, in order to feel confident, they need to feel prepared and proficient. At camp, here are the areas of the game where we will spend most of our time:

  • Technical repetitions. Dribbling, Passing, Receiving, and Finishing.

  • Agility, Balance, Coordination. ABC’s of the physical part of the game.

  • Equal emphasis on the attacking and defensive side of the ball.

  • Teaching the skillsets needed for specific positions.

  • Confidence in themselves to carry out the skillset of their position.


Self-motivation is an acquired skill! Our camps put a strong emphasis on helping the children maintain an enthusiastic mindset while working hard at camp, so that they enjoy the process of persevering through a task. Our coaches understand that the children need to feel empowered in knowing that it is their decision to have a good week at camp. To do this, we make sure to train in small groups and have the players set goals at the beginning week. Challenges and adversity will naturally present itself through the game of soccer and at camp. This is where our staff of role models will help the players persevere. Children at camp will learn:

  • Ability to feel good about working hard for your teammates and coaches.

  • Ability to stay focused throughout the transitions of the game.

  • Ability to turn misses into makes.

  • Ability to value the skillset of hustle.

  • Ability to try your best.

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