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Sporting Athletic Club is committed to working with families to be sure every child can enjoy a soccer experience with our club.

With this commitment, we have developed several programs with the intention that families can find one that best fits their financial abilities and child’s ambitions. We strive to have each of our programs meet or exceed the comparable standards for similar programs found in the Region.

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To help families budget for their specific soccer program with Sporting Athletic Club, we offer the flexibility of using a payment plan. This can minimize the financial impact of having to pay for a full program up-front.

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A family may feel that they need financial assistance to have their child participate.

To help us assess the amount of financial support we can offer your family, we ask that you complete the Sporting Athletic Club Financial Aid Application and email it back with the required supporting documentation to our Club Finance Director at


The Club Finance Director cannot make a financial aid determination without the supporting documentation. We try to ask the very minimum information that will help us most fairly distribute our current funds. This information is kept with the highest level of confidentiality possible with a very limited number of Club Officials reviewing each application.

We are no longer accepting Financial Aid Applications for the 2023-2024 season.

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