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U8 - U12

From U8 to U10, kids at the younger age groups are learning the game and developing the core skills to be an effective soccer player. Our mission at Sporting Athletic Club is to help players grow their technical skills and ‘Soccer IQ’ while ensuring the ‘love’ for the game is growing equally. Player development is the focus rather than results. Players are placed on teams based on their ability, so they are continually challenged. 
From U11 to U12, Players become more serious about the game, and we begin to instill the four pillars of soccer. The emphasis will be to challenge players both technically and tactically while preparing them to transition to the next level.

WHO WE ARE (5).png

U13 to U19

All Sporting Athletic Club teams turn the focus to showcasing our players and learning how to apply the four pillars to compete at a Regional & National level. Sporting Athletic Club is committed to preparing players to transition from youth soccer to the college game.

  • The first team in each age group will compete in Girls Academy League

  • Second teams will follow a showcase schedule.

  • Sporting Athletic Club provides a year-round program with committed players that will be provided top coaching and player development opportunities.

  • See our Player Environment page to learn more about our facilities and resources we provide to players

  • See our College Pathway Program to learn more about the resources we provide players to transition from youth soccer to the college game

  • Check out our Programs for additional training platforms for players of all ages and abilities

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