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Video Capturing & Recording

  • No manual setup, no camera operator, no files and cables, no stress

  • Don’t miss anything – ever again. Capture the entire pitch, live in 4K video, from multiple angles

  • At the push of a button, automatically capture ALL your matches and trainings

Data & Statistics

  • Fast and easy live tagging for training and match – mobile device or computer

  • Efficient and collaborative workflow across a team of coaches

  • Use activity data (e.g. GPS) in entirely new ways

Performance Analytics

  • Cloud based – you always have all your recordings with you, accessible from anywhere

  • Analyze your recordings live, in full Virtual Panorama, from multiple angles

  • Tactical views and AI game tracking with instant access to the clips you need

Share & Collaborate

  • Live video sharing with no effort – within and between teams, or across a whole league

  • Provide player feedback and watch overviews and details in the same experience

  • Create presentations, use drawing tools and quickly create and share clip collections

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All Sporting Athletic Club MLS Next and Girls Academy players will wear Catapult Vector Heart Rate Monitors for training sessions, fitness sessions, and competitions. These monitors prepare for the demands of soccer by managing workloads and monitoring player development, quantify training programs and monitor athlete loading to reduce the risk of preventable injuries and objectively manage the rehabilitation process through performance benchmarking and robust return to play protocols. In addition:

  • Vector is the world's smallest but most powerful dual GNSS/LPS device, delivering live algorithms, communications, and enhanced functionality.

  • Vector's sport-specific insights leverage the latest data science to help you find answers to complex performance questions.

  • Vector's live snapshots feature allows you to view rehab group session data live on your smartphone or smartwatch, eliminating the need for a receiver or laptop.

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Sporting Athletic Club will utilize Titus Sports Performance as a part of our weekly training plan for all players at Chase Fieldhouse. Titus was built on the principle of athletic development having trained athletes that have attained millions of dollars in scholarships, Olympians, Professional Athletes, Military Special Operations Soldiers and many other top performers that regularly set the standard for excellence in human performance. Titus’ Long Term Athletic Development Program teaches the methods and exercises necessary to bring out an athlete’s full performance potential and improve the psychological capacity of each athlete. These Titus individual and group fitness sessions will be used in conjunction with our individual training, team training, and video analysis sessions.

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