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Barry Lynch


Barry Lynch is an A licensed soccer coach and has been serving the South Jersey soccer community, originally from Wales, in the UK, Barry has the added advantage of coming through an Academy into the professional game. Lynch has played with numerous teams in the United Kingdom, including the Sheffield United Football Club in Sheffield, England. Barry previously has worked as a professional academy soccer coach (Cardiff City Football Club) in his native Wales, and the owner of the Liverpool FC International Academy. He has been able to pass on that knowledge and experience with many players now pursuing a career in college and professional soccer. His philosophy is "If a player has the desire, determination, and high levels of effort, I can develop them into a top-level player because they already have the ingredients and I am simply facilitating organic growth falling back on experience and knowledge, having walked the path"


  • USSF A License

  • USSF B License

  • UEFA B License – Football Coaching Award

  • UEFA C License – Football Coaching Award

  • FA Level 1 Coaching License

  • Brazilian National Futbol C License


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